Privacy Policy

Data Protection -The Village Hall in Maplebeck

If you have attended or booked an event in the hall in the past we may hold your email address and some phone numbers on a contacts data base.

Our Privacy notice below describes our use of this data base. Should you no longer wish to be included please contact us immediately on, whereupon we will delete your entry. In the absence of such return we will assume you have consented to continued inclusion on the data base.

Privacy Notice

a) We will use your personal information only for the lawful purpose of managing the charity (The Village Hall in Maplebeck), the hall property and building and activities therein. Your data will be used primarily to contact you to publicise events in the Village Hall.

b) We will seek your prior consent before obtaining any of your personal data.

c) We will never share your personal data with any organisation or individual without your prior consent.

d) We will never sell your personal data.

Thank you and we look forward to your continued support.

Village Hall Management Committee